Upplev Roslagen

    Doug Seegers starts tour in Sweden in Roslagen!

    He´s back! For the third time Doug Seegers tour in Sweden.

    Doug Seegers premiär i Roslagen

    It all started in SVT´s (Swedish Television) program “Jills Veranda” in 2014, and the rest is history by now.

    First tour in Sweden with first performance at Skebopuben in Roslagen was followed by concerts all over Sweden and TV-shows.

    Back then it was a moved, and easily flustered Doug Seegers who gave a very personal and selected gig at Skebopuben, the audience  where excited. After the gig we could meet a happy and blessed man outside who took his time to talk and take photos with his fans.

    This summer he is back for his third Sweden tour. Even this tour starts in Skebopuben, Roslagen and the dates are 31 may, 1 and 2 june 2016.

    More information and tickets -> http://www.upplevroslagen.se/organisator/skebopuben/