Upplev Roslagen

    New boat tour to the outer Stockholm Archipelago

    Artist, sing-songwriter and former ABBA-member Björn Ulvaeus sponsor a new boat tour to outer Stockholm Archipelago, Söderarm, in Roslagen.

    – I just love that place, says Ulvaeus about Söderarm

    In the outer archipelago you find Söderarm lighthouse. The lighthouse is no longer in use and for many years Anngret Andersson runs a convention and tourism business. This summer she´s proud to launch a private funded boat line, which will traffic Kapellskär – Söderarm.

    A regular visitor at Söderarm is the former ABBA-member Björn Ulvaeus. He often takes his 65 f yacht to visit the island.

    – I have been to Söderarm a couple of times and I like to stay there on my way to Åland says Björn Ulvaeus.

    Anngret Andersson was talking to Björn about starting a boat tour and he was interested.
    – Anngret called me because she needed a sponsor, and I liked the idea and wanted to help her.

    Why do you like Söderarm that much?
    – The barren little island far away in the outer archipelago is a fantastic place where can I sit at a cliff and listen to the silence. I´m looking forward to go every summer, says Björn Ulvaeus.

    Stockholm Archipelago is really one of his favorite places. Björn also has a summerhouse at Hölö in the southern archipelago.

    The new boattour starts this summer, as the first to be funded by a private person. During 5 weeks (wednesday and thursday, w27-31) it will be possible to go from Kapellskär to Söderarm.

    Source: 2016-05-12 Norrtälje Tidning

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